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Description Game: Hermes Virtual Tour lead you through ancient world and history will be integrated in live view of your device.
Hermes Virtual Tour transforms your mobile device in a window to the past.
If you press on a spot you activate animation in overlay and if you're almost there you can point your camera and augmented reality lead you in the past and history come alive right in front your eyes.
Hermes Virtual Tour offers the ancient worlds in 3D. Lost cities in immersive, Mobile, Virtual and Interactive 3D.
The time machine is still a desire, but now, thanking to Hermes Virtual Tour™, you can surf and dive some of the most important monuments of the world as they were in the past!
Colosseum, Roman Forum, Ancient Ostia in Rome, Thermae di Caracalla, Parthenon in Athen, Lisbon, Vatican city, Pompei, Haercolaneum, Megastructure, Verona, Venice, Florence , Milan, Egypt and more every week you will find new 3D reconstructions.
Live an immersive experience in artistic heritage through the Augmented Reality and cutting-edge technologies.
The past in the present, enriched with virtual amazing reconstructions.
Choose the contents you like and point your mobile phone in one direction, Hermes Virtual Tour™ will recognize and will model monuments overlapping real world, returning them to their former glory.
So you can browse the world's artistic heritage, discovering every detail, through the drone mode.
With Hermes Virtual Tour™ context will be enriched with the many details disappeared and you will have a new and exciting and innovative way to visit the history and to see the sights, listening in 6 languages (English, Italian, French, Russian, Japanese and Spanish) news and gossip, walking among the monuments to either on site or in the comfort of home in the remote mode.
Moreover a dual control system for use without GPS.
Geolocalization, fantastic Photos and social network integration are available!
Note: Hermes Virtual Tour™ requires the iPhone 5 or higher, the new iPad or above, the application uses GPS sensor to display augmented reality.
Downloading app you will get:
* More than 200 monuments (updated to 2015 March).
* Audioguide in 6 languages (Eng, Ita, Rus, Fra, Spa, Jap) soon in Portuguese, Chinese and German
* Augmented Reality
* Radar
* every week new monuments/locations/itineraries will be published
to get info or support write to: [email protected]
to get support write to: [email protected]
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