How do you write an essay?

Choice and delimitation of the topic: When we perform an essay, it is very important that we think carefully about the topic we will discuss before we start writing. One thing that we must take into account is that the more we like or are attracted to the subject we will write about, our interest, ability to develop and depth in this regard will be rewarded. Choose a topic that we are passionate about and of which we have a medium or wide knowledge. In case the subject has been given to us by a third party, for example a superior, a teacher or a boss, let’s find a way to find an approach that is attractive to our person and also to the reader to whom we will go.

How an essay is made: the choice and delimitation of the topic.

It happens a lot, in literature, that after the obligatory reading of a certain book an essay about it is requested. Let’s suppose, The Little Prince, a book everyone knows, even if it’s by name. A small prince, inhabitant of a very distant planet in which only a flower accompanies him, jumps from planet to planet knowing the inhabitants of them, until he arrives at the earth and, out of sadness, wants to return to his home planet.

We could think about the subject ofcommunicationin this book, but it is very broad, because the character talks also about flowers and animals. To delimit it, we think that we are enclosing a dam inside the cage that would be the subject ofcommunication“: communication with animals vs. communication with humans. In this sense, we have delimited the subject much more and we already have more or less clear the main idea that will sustain our hypothesis. Now, let’s try to be even more specific: the friendship of the serpent vs. the friendship of the aviator. If we observe well, we keep the two previous levels in the latter, and the subject is already delimited by much, excluding the inhabitants of the other planets and the other inhabitants of the earth, with the exception of the serpent and the aviator.

This does not mean that all the other characters are left without the possibility of entering the body of our essay. If, when mentioning any of the other characters and the situations they face, we help to sustain the hypothesis of our essay, these will already be functioning as a critical apparatus.

Also, for example, in the work it may be necessary to present an essay regarding a certain topic that is the responsibility of the company. It must be taken into account that many times what is requested from us has a very wide range of amplitude.

Godínez, I need an essay about socks for tomorrow! – and the skin is chicken.

What the boss does not know is that Godinez, to continue with our example, begins to think of where the socks will come from, who will have invented them, what material they were first, if they came into existence out of necessity or for comfort, if the Socks were born at the same time that the gloves or these were cause or consequence of them, and evades the most common and boring issues that could come to mind, such as: range of sale of socks in summer, best winter socks fabrics , the most sold knight socks, sock durability on average, sock classifications, etc., Godinez, for our fortune, knows how to make an essay.

Another way to find a topic is to pay attention to silences or omissions. An example that possibly is close to all of us: women in politics. It begins to talk about it until it enters, but before it was notand not being, was present, only omitted. Thus, it may be that in a work the woman does not appear either, or there is an omission of all kinds of plant life (another example), in reference to modern society and entire cities of concrete. These omissions have a meaning, and on this meaning we can also discuss our themes. In El principito does a human female character appear? Is this due to something special?

We must, within the subject that is given to us and if it is not of our total pleasure, seek to save the situation by finding the good side of things, looking for the fun and interesting side. Knowing how to do an essay does not simply mean knowing the parts that comprise it, but it is also essential to find topics that are attractive to the reader and, more importantly, to oneself.